Win some, lose some…

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362713 Win some, lose some...I started my evening a little bummed.  After 2 uneventful periods in game 4 of the Coyotes/Red Wings playoffs, Detroit came back to beat us 3-0.  So, the series is tied 2 games apiece.  Next game is Friday night at Arena.

I ENDED my evening in a much better mood!  And, I think you know why…

362733 Win some, lose some...It was 2 years since the Suns had a playoff win – until last night!  Yes, Steve Nash and the boys tied up the series 1-1 with the Trailblazers.  Phew!  Not only did they beat Portland, they beat them 119-90.  I’d LOVE to make some disparaging comments about the Blazers “not showing up to the game.”  But, I am NOT going to jinx this for our boys!  Forget you even saw that quote.  Next game is tomorrow night in Portland.

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