Your tweets…at the library?

Twitter Logo Your the library?Are you on Twitter?  Do you Tweet often?  Some people feel the need to share every little thing they do…down to bathroom visits.  Won’t they be excited to find out those (and ALL other) Tweets will soon be on display in the Library Of Congress?  Or, should I say

It’s true!  The US Library of Congress has announced it will keep a digital archive of every public tweet that has been broadcast on Twitter since its inception in March 2006.  There are 50 million tweets per day and the total number of tweets already number well into the billions.  The Library of Congress plans to focus on the “scholarly and research implications of the acquisition.”

Recognizing that the inane tweets will certainly outnumber the significant ones, the Library of Congress plans to highlight the culturally and historically important tweets, such as the first-ever tweet sent by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, President Obama’s tweet announcing his win in the 2008 election and a set of tweets that helped a photojournalist get released from prison in Egypt.

Excuse me while I Tweet, “Go live your life, and stop fingering your palm pilot!”  In case you missed that one, it’s in the Library Of Congress:-)


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