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It’s Tax Day! Wanna Get Instead Of Give?

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free Its Tax Day!  Wanna Get Instead Of Give?
Something Free

Here’s A List Of Free Stuff You Can Get For Tax Day…

 Your taxes are due today.  In honor of getting ripped off by The Man, a bunch of restaurants and retailers are offering freebies to make your day a little less painful.  Check it out:

 #1.)  At CINNABON, you can get two free bite-sized cupcakes from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. today.  It’s part of their “Tax Day Bites!” promotion.  Get it?  Bite-sized cupcakes because “tax day bites”?  

 #2.)   At STARBUCKS, you can get a free cup of coffee all day today, as long as you bring your own mug. 

 #3.)  HYDRO-MASSAGE is offering free massages today through Sunday.  They’re those people you see giving massages in the middle of the mall. 

 #4.)  P.F. CHANG’S is offering 15% off all meals today.  That doesn’t include alcohol purchases, or happy hour food and beverages.

 #5.)  And BOSTON MARKET is offering one free meal with the purchase of another meal today through Sunday. 

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