Rolling Pirates?

lg 7121551 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Rolling Pirates?[lastfm]Mick Jagger[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Keith Richards[/lastfm] in eye patches – with parrots on their wooden arms.  Sexy?  YOU decide!  It could happen, if Johnny Depp gets his way.  Read on…

According to the UK’s Daily Express, Depp wants Mick and Keith in the next Pirates Of The Caribbean movie!  In fact, Keith would play Johnny’s father.  (Though, he could pass for grandfather!)   A source tells the paper, “Johnny is working closely with Disney on the next chapter and has put a lot of ideas forward. Some of the more fun ideas include getting Mick in with Keith as pirate elders. He thinks they would be perfect.”

“Hey…you…get off of my ship!”


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