Way to go, Jessica!

jtm jessica simpson Way to go, Jessica!Have you seen the latest Marie Claire magazine?  Truthfully, I had NO idea they still made this magazine until I saw the new cover.  Jessica Simpson is on it, and she’s makeup-free!  I think this is awesome!  Women shouldn’t be forced to look “perfect.”  But, that’s our vain society.  To me, “perfection” is REALITY.  Click more to see the picture.

jess Way to go, Jessica!

I think she looks spectacular!  By the by, I’ve had the chance to meet her a couple times.  (See the pic above with Jess, her dog and me.)  She was a total sweetheart, and not the “dumb blonde” she portrays on TV.  I was impressed.  And, a bit excited…

Ladies, do you go out of the house sans-makeup?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to get your take!


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