ASU+logo ASU...smoke free?It could happen!  There is talk to make the entire campus of Arizona State University smoke-free.  That means no smoking indoors OR outdoors.  If you defy, the Sun Devil will come after you…

The interesting part of this is that STUDENTS are the ones pushing for the ban…not faculty.  Let’s face it:  most smokers became addicted in their teens.  Once you get to school, and everyone else is smoking alongside you, it’s not easy to back off!  Maybe this is one way to ween some kids off cigarettes.

I’m not sure if the restaurant ban has cut down the number of smokers, but it certainly seems a valiant effort.  Fingers crossed for this plan, as well.  However, it hasn’t been approved just yet.

 Take a look at an article from Anne Ryman of the Arizona Republic by CLICKING HERE.

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