Mixed Gender Roommates

college1 Mixed Gender Roommates


About 50 colleges are now offering the option of rooming with a person of the opposite sex. 

The participating schools include UC Berkeley, Stanford, Cornell, Dartmouth and the University of Michigan. 

Couples are discouraged from participating, and most heterosexuals in the programs are platonic friends, according to officials. 

Participation is low at schools where the mixed-gender housing option is offered.  Only 1 to 3 percent of students at participating schools choose a roommate of the opposite sex. 

Tom thinks it’s a bad idea because it would be a distraction for guys, no matter how “platonic” the situation is.  Maria Maria thinks girls can be friends with boys…infact boys make better roommates than women in most cases…Maria says SHACK UP! 

Here’s what some of our listeners thought this morning… 


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