How do you spell “misspelling?”

harvard mug How do you spell misspelling?When you read published works, from books to newspapers to restaurant menus, do misspellings and grammatical errors jump out at you?  I am cursed with this.  I have learned to keep my yap shut – especially if I’m not a close friend of the writer.  More than once, I’ve been labelled “grammar police.”  And, let me tell you, it is NOT meant as a compliment.  Now, there’s a website for those of us who are socially banned from speaking out! is a place you can go to upload examples of these heinous crimes to the English language!  You may be chastised for speaking out when you find the error.  However, nobody has to know if you discreetly snap a photo and upload it here.  You can even remain anonymous on the website.  But, why bother?  The targets of your posts will most-likely misspell the web address!


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