The Ostrich Stole My Baby

ostrichstare The Ostrich Stole My BabyOK, so it was a dingo, not an ostrich.  I couldn’t think of any witty ostrich lines to name this blog!

This weekend is the Chandler Ostrich Festival, and I’m long overdue to pay tribute to these unique creatures…by eating one!  Are you going?  Let’s chow down together.  Oh, did I mention [lastfm]WAR[/lastfm] will be on stage?  And, YOU could be, too!

WAR takes the main stage Saturday night at 8pm.  While they will do just fine on their own, they’d like some assistance…from YOU.  You can sing on stage with the band!  Or, if you’re not into being in the spotlight, why not become their roadie for the day?  Either way, it’s the experience of a lifetime…and only available through your At Work Rewards account here at!  Log in, and make it happen.  Besides, you may just get some free ostrich burgers out of the deal.  BONUS😉

CLICK HERE for more on the Chandler Ostrich Festival.


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