Do you have to be stoned to enjoy “Alice In Wonderland?”

alice in wonderland alice poster2 Do you have to be stoned to enjoy Alice In Wonderland?Call me a prude, but I’ve never partaken in the recreational variety of “medication.”  Granted, I am one generation behind the Woodstockers.  That being said, should I be into “Alice In Wonderland?”  Or, even better…COULD I BE?

I’ve read the book from Lewis Carroll.  I’ve seen the 1951 Disney film.  I just don’t get it!  Some tell me “you’re not supposed to ‘get it.’  It’s fantasy.”  This thought really scares me.  If I don’t “get” fantasy and don’t like “reality TV,” what DO I like?????????

Tim Burton‘s version of the movie comes out this weekend, chock full of stars, including – of course – Johnny Depp.  Alice is now 19, and returns to Wonderland for the first time since she was a little girl.

I always think of “White Rabbit” from [lastfm]Jefferson Airplane[/lastfm] when Alice is brought up.  FEED YOUR HEAD!   I will admit, I was a kid when I last saw the movie or read the book.  The strongest thing in my system then was a soda.  Maybe I’ll give it another shot – only this time, as an adult.  Since I won’t be trying any pills that make me larger or smaller, do you think a Four Peaks Kiltlifter would help me to understand – er, uh ENJOY the movie?


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