What the hail?

lightning7lw What the hail?I was reading on AZcentral.com that we’re in for some crazy weather this weekend. According to Meteorologist Ken Waters of the National Weather Service, we’ll see heavy rain, thunderstorms and even hail! That means dust storms and flooding is possible, too.

It is scheduled to start Saturday evening, and wrap up in time for…Monday. Isn’t that kind of Ma Nature? Keep us in the house all weekend, but make the ride to work and school Monday pleasant! I’m being facetious, of course. BUT, maybe this is a good thing. Have you spent much time with the family lately? Rent a DVD. Play a game. Have a conversation! Any other suggestions for indoor fun? Leave a comment below.

I have to wonder…if the Meteorologist’s name wasn’t Waters, but was Ken Sunshine…would we have this issue?


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