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KOOL Battle Of The Cover BandsCongratulations to ULTIMATE BON JOVI for becoming the new KOOL Cover Band of 2017-2018
WIN A DEPECHE MODE MEET & GREETJust can't get enough of Depeche Mode? We can't either! Your friends over here at KOOL FM want to hook you up with tickets to the show, plus meet and greets!
Ever Wonder How Some Valley Cities Got Their Names?Was Avondale named after the New York Avon's?  No.  I just made that up, but there was a Valley ranch involved in naming it. Buckeye was named after one of the founders favorite state...Ohio!  That one is true.  How about Glendale? Gilbert? Goodyear? Mesa? Peoria? And Phoenix? They all have reasons for being named what they were, and you'll find those reasons...
There's Some Valley Freeway & Surface Street Closures This Weekend.Growing pains will cause Valley drivers a few pains this weekend as construction continues.  Dunlap & Thunderbird roads, along with I-17 & the 51 will be affected.
Live From Hollywood - with Cecily KnoblerLots of movies to see this weekend... but are they any good?!? That's where Cecily comes in. Check out the reviews (...and trailers) before hitting the theaters!
Should I Start Spending All Of My Savings?Things have been pretty crazy lately, and maybe this guy is on to something.  He says that the world will end this Saturday.  I don't know whether to spend all of my savings and go out in a Lamborghini, and then nothing happens? Or, should I go with the odds and save it?  I'm leaning toward the Lamborghini.

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