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5-28-17 Brass Armadillo with Carolyn Coffey
This Is Why We Celebrate Memorial Day.I had a chance to visit Arlington National Cemetery a number of years back, and that tour really brought home for me, just how much I owe those who paid the ultimate price so I could enjoy the life I live. If you ever have a chance to see it yourself, don't pass up the opportunity!
Gregg Allman Dies At 69!This guy, along with his brother Duane who died in a motorcycle accident in the early 70's, were pioneers of Southern Rock! I don't believe that there was anyone who hadn't heard of the Allman Brothers. So many great songs. So many great memories.
Memorial Day Events Around The Valley & StateThere are many things to do, and ways to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice this weekend. Every thing from solemn remembrance events, to BBQ's and festivals!
Slow and Tell with Maria & Chad!What do these two sound like after a few cocktails? We’re not sure, but this is the closest thing to it! This time Chad is telling a story about meeting Mike Tyson in Vegas! Take a listen here…
ADOT Lowered The Speed Limit On Part Of I-17 Memorial Day Weekend!It's part of a safety campaign to reduce crashes and delays because of speeding and driver inattention. The speed limits will be lowered 10 mph during peak Memorial Day weekend travel periods on a winding stretch of Interstate 17 north of Phoenix. Starting today (Friday), it will be lowered on the northbound side of I-17 between New River and Sunset Point Rest Area. Speed limits on the same stretch of southbound I-17 will be reduced by 10 mph on Monday, May 29.

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